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Utilizing Progressive Movement Technology

Almost every successful trainer I’ve ever met is constantly looking for ways to improve the results they get with their clients. The problem is, many certifications and seminars give you the same old information you already know…and that doesn’t really help you become a better trainer. The reality is that there are only a handful…… More

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Owning A Fitness Niche

A Post on Owning A Fitness Niche By Pat Rigsby One of the quickest paths to success as a trainer is to be the market leader for a particular fitness niche. A little while back we featured Accelerator Member Dan Ritchie discussing his fitness niche… Boomers and Seniors here Cressey Performance has dominated their own…… More

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Progressions Of A Fitness Business Owner: Phase 1

By Vince Gabriele   The minute I decided to start a career in the fitness industry I knew I wanted to own a gym. This was very clear to me. I remember often times sitting in my economics classes in college thinking about where I would put the 3 jammers in my gym… 12 years…… More

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7 Lessons About Business That My Transformation Taught Me

  7 Lessons My Transformation Taught Me about Successfully Running a Fitness Business I recently went through an incredible transformation while successfully running a fitness business – well at least I felt that it was incredible! You can judge for yourself. Last year I joined the Precision Nutrition Lean Eating program in hopes that I…… More

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7 Biggest Mistakes Trainers Make When Running A Fitness Business

7 Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Successfully Running a Fitness Business Mistake #1 When Running A Fitness Business – Having No Unique Position In The Market It always blows my mind when I ask fitness professionals why people should choose them and they give generic answers like: “I get results.” “My training is the…… More

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