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Takeaways From Bootcamp Bootcamp


Bootcamp Business Tips. A Post By Pat Rigsby


This weekend we hosted the second ever Bootcamp Bootcamp Weekend and it was incredible.

Over 100 of the most successful fitness bootcamp business owners from around the globe (Travis Sawyer was the attendee who traveled the farthest – from Perth, Australia) all dialed in on building their businesses and networking with fellow fitness entrepreneurs.

Great stuff…

One of the things we do at our events is ask the people having success to share what’s working for them.  We put them on the spot without scripted presentations or time to prepare– heck, they often don’t know they’re even going to be called on to contribute.

I wanted to give you a distilled overview of what the camp owners that are enjoying the most business success offered up that they are all doing.

So while there are differences in some of what they do – there are a few key concepts that they *all* do.

Here are the big 4:

1. Give A LOT Away To Get Things Rolling – They top camp owners all give away a ton of value to get people in the door.  They use one week free trials, two week free trials, fundraisers, Groupon and any number of other strategies to initially get people to try out camp for no or little financial risk and deliver an extraordinary experience to get people to stay and pay.

2.  Deliver An Extraordinary Camp – Our top camp owners all treat bootcamps like group personal training – not like group exercise.  They do orientations to acclimate new campers, they do assessments to make sure they’re integrating any corrective work that’s needed into the program and to set the stage for long term camper success, they give as much personal attention as possible and consistently recognize their campers successes.

On top of that – they ‘bring it’ each and every day.  High energy, great programming – they make sure every day is an experience for the campers.

3.  Turn Happy Campers Into Referrals – Without exception, all of our top performers generate a lot of their new business from referrals.  They gave away as much as they could to get people in before they had a base of clients – but once they hit the 40-50 camper mark, they all were generating much of their new business by getting their Raving Fans to spread the word through referral promotions, bring a friend offerings and just simple word of mouth.  This can’t happen without paying a LOT of attention to #2.

4. Multiple Streams of Income – Every top performer we asked had several streams of revenue.  On Sunday, 12 of the most successful camp owners were asked what their #2 revenue stream was and 10 said selling Prograde Supplements while the other 3 said semi-private training.  Here were the top 5 responses for secondary revenue streams:

So there it is – the core concepts that ALL of the most successful bootcamp owners we work with are implementing.  Make sure you’re implementing them too!

On a different note – I want to also give a special Thank You to all of our presenters:

  • Nick Berry
  • B.J. Gaddour
  • Curtis Mock
  • Nick Nanton
  • Dave Schmitz
  • Mike Robertson
  • Pamela MacElree
  • Jason Brown
  • A.J. Roberts
  • Greg Justice

And all of our fitness bootcamp business owners that shared what’s working in their businesses.  You all made Bootcamp Bootcamp a HUGE success!

Dedicated to your success,

Pat Rigsby

Pat Rigsby is a Co-Owner of the International Youth Conditioning Association & the youth fitness franchise Athletic Revolution as well as a fitness industry consultant serving thousands of personal trainers and fitness entrepreneurs. Sign up for his fitness business free newsletter to discover proven marketing, sales and business strategies, along with blog updates, news, and more! While you’re at it, follow him on Twitter.

Facebook comments:

  • Dale Buchanan

    Thanks for the big 4 Pat

  • Dave Randolph

    It was an awesome event as always. I came away with a lot of top notch info.
    Now I have a lot of work to do to implement one thing at a time

    Thanks Pat

  • tom babyak

    Hey pat

    I just wanted to thank you for a great weekend. I cant wait after teaching today to take some action.

    1. Get flyers out in mass numbers and use the business of the month.

    Thanks to you and all others working with you. Your knowledge and passion truly makes me work that much harder and smarter

    tom babyak
    Strive Fitness Bootcamps

  • Nate

    Thanks for the awesome weekend and putting everything together. The whole event was run very well.

    I had a fantastic time and met some incredible people that I will continue to be in touch with as fellow fitness professionals and friends.

    The information was great, and now it’s time to begin implementing everything and growing my business within the next few days, weeks and months.

    Can’t wait for the next event!

  • Nikki Layton

    Hey Pat,
    It was a great event. We met a lot of our Volo clients face to face for the first time and talked to so many people about how they run their business.

  • Pamela MacElree

    As always once again a pleasure working with everyone. What a fantastic event, with top-notch information. Thank you.

  • MissFitsBootCamps

    Thanks again Pat, and everyone else, for an incredible weekend! My business would have crashed and burned long ago if it wasn’t for all of you guys!

  • Kim Chase

    Noting like it! This is exactly what I needed, it gave me great direction and motivation to kick it up a huge notch and bring some numbers. You’re going to see some big changes my way, mark my words.

    I’d like to say thanks to you Pat and Nick and BJ and everyone else who went out of their way to share such great knowledge to help others in lesser situations become greater. It is truly appreciated.

    Thanks for everthing.

  • Tony Rodriguez Larkin

    It’s all been said above, but it seriously was a worthwhile event! Thanks to all who contributed their valuable time and efforts to make the event informative, inspirational and exciting. I’ve met good friends and really appreciate the great advice from those that dealt with my questions! It’s time for me to start implementing!

  • Jeremy

    I learned that I need focus on my strengths and focus on specific go to marketing. Finally, there is nothing more motivating then seeing other fitness professionals all on the same mission. Finally I learned that everyone should get the 197 recipe from Prograde:)

    Express Fitness Camps LLC

  • Julie Sawyer

    Great conference Pat! Very motivating to hear Tyler, Ryan’s, and others success and what they all have in common. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, too.

  • Jonathan

    Nice post Pat, you are great at breaking things down into simple steps that are very effective. Well done :)

  • Tod Esquivel

    these kick ass!

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