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Bobby Kenney

Bobby Kenney

Bobby Kenney
Content Coordinator

Since being accepted into Harvard University, Bobby Kenney’s life has been nothing but adventure. Following his freshman year, during which he competed in Division 1 Track and Cross Country, Bobby loaded up his 10-speed road bike and trekked home solo, covering the 1000 miles to Chicago in 10 days. The following year, he upped the ante by riding for 7 weeks clear across the country, this time accompanied by a group of fellow Harvard runners.

Following graduation in 2010, Bobby was granted a unique scholarship that allowed him to travel anywhere in the world and do anything he wanted. Instead of settling on a tropical island and indulging in piña coladas with bikini-clad maidens attending to his every wish, he took the "high road," electing to experience Europe by bicycle. For 10 months, he journeyed from Ireland to Turkey and back, developing a love for olive oil, cheese, and blood oranges in the process.

Since returning home, aside from re-learning how to speak American, Bobby has moved to Denver and has put his Chemistry degree to good use at FCG. His spirit of adventure and thirst for learning has smoothed the transition from science to business, and he now operates as the Content Coordinator. Bobby’s passion for adventure, health and fitness, and connecting with others makes FCG the perfect match, allowing him to pursue these interests while helping others meet their goals.


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