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Brandon Whelan

Looking back, it seems that I have always had a passion for art. Watching Jack draw Rose in Titanic first inspired me to hone my craft, which eventually enabled me to take first place in a scholarship fair for freehand art. At high school graduation, I was even granted the “Most Artistic” award.

After perfecting my skills in paintings, drawings, portraits, and landscapes, I asked myself how I could make a living through my passion for art. I could become an artist, but that field is extremely tough. I could become an art teacher, but I don’t like kids. I soon realized that I could combine my love for technology and computers with my love for art, which provided new ways to create works of art through Photoshop, 3D, Illustrator, and video editing.
After high school, I enrolled in summer classes at Sullivan College of Technology and Design in Louisville. Two years later, I received my Associates degree. The job market is rough for graphic artists: It took a whole year of filling out applications, interviewing, freelancing, doing contract jobs, and trying out short-term internships before FCG found me.

It’s an honor to work for such a successful company as FCG, and with its many brands, there’s plenty of work to be done, designing everything from business cards to book covers to posters and banners. I never have been an early bird, but working with fitness business professionals and helping grow their businesses is now what gets me up in the morning.

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