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Craig Myers

Craig Myers

Craig Myers
Coaching Coordinator

In the last 10 years in the fitness industry, Craig has had many fun and unique experiences. As a graduate assistant for the fitness department at Baylor University, he took over as the strength and conditioning coach for the Spirit Squads, among many other responsibilities involving the supervision of the fitness center and staff. This led to an internship at a sport performance facility where he helped restructure the personal training department and moved into a management position.

Since then he has developed two other training programs from their inception at different facilities, one adult and one youth. During this time, like many other fitness professionals, he found his way to Fitness Consulting Group and became plugged into the newsletters and the network of the industry’s best.

Now, he thinks back to his first experience as a trainer and how it was “Sink or Swim”. Without knowing where to look for help, he definitely sank. As he grew professionally and learned better sales, marketing, and training techniques, he kept looking for ways to expand his impact beyond his own client base. When he learned of the opportunity to join Fitness Consulting Group as a Success Coach for Fitness Revolution, he jumped on it. It is now his goal as a Success Coach to help every License Partner in any way possible so no one is left to fend for himself or herself.

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