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Tim Ward

Tim Ward

Timothy Ward
Vice President of Operations

Since earning his first personal training credential in 2007 when he was 18, Tim has been an active participant in the fitness industry – attending seminars, reading books, and learning from the best in the business. Shortly after graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 2009, he started a personal training business out of his ~400 square foot garage. He met the FCG team at the 2010 IYCA Summit where he learned about the Athletic Revolution opportunity.

Tim made the decision to sign on as an Athletic Revolution partner in September of 2010. In December that same year, he published his first book, The Theory of Fat Loss: A New Paradigm for Exercise.

In January of 2011, he received a job offer from Pat Rigsby and Nick Berry. The opportunity was too good to pass up, so he packed up his bags and moved to Elizabethtown, KY.

Tim now serves as the VP of Operations, where he oversees the delivery of all FCGs products and services.

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