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The Future of Your Fitness Business

Fitness Business Success Tips From One of the best

A Guest Post by Tyler English

“The future has a way of arriving unannounced.”

Those words were spoken by one of America’s most powerful journalists, George Will. Now I don’t know if it’s because of my background as a writer or because I just am a complete dork when it comes to quotes.

But you and your fitness business can learn a lot from that single line.

Ask yourself this.

What happens if your fitness boot camp stopped generating revenue?

I mean think about this for a second. Let’s just say, hypothetically, that the fitness boot camp craze died out.

Now what do you do?

You see when I first started my fitness business in January of 2009 all I thought about was growing my program, Farmington Valley Fitness Boot Camp, and at the time that was of the utmost importance. Without the growth of that program I would not be where I am today.

Yet, as I’ve grown as a business owner it’s become more and more apparent to me that the longevity and continued growth of your business is dependent on much more than just growing your boot camp.

Back in November of 2008, when I first started working with Pat Rigsby, I had no idea what multiple streams of revenue even looked like, let alone what it meant in the business world. I was living paycheck to paycheck and absolutely miserable with my existence in the fitness industry.

Pat helped me change this almost immediately after starting my business and growing Farmington Valley Fitness Boot Camp to what it is today.

Within two months of business, I had developed a continuous stream of revenue from boot camps, semi private training, Prograde, Resistance Band Training and Perform Better. Even as small as some of the revenue streams initially may have been, it was still pretty nice to receive a $25-50 check in the mail each month, for a small amount of work. Even better when you happen to be waking up at 4:30am and traveling 45 minutes to coach your boot camp. Believe me, the “gas” money came in handy!

Those initial revenue streams have continued to grow into a nice steady stream of increasing revenue month by month.

Since opening Athletic Revolution Farmington Valley (its own stream of revenue!) we’ve expanded our training options outside of Tyler English Fitness, which houses our main program, Farmington Valley Fitness Boot Camp. We now use the Athletic Revolution facility to offer our Group Coaching Program, a combination of Semi Private Training, Diet Doc Nutritional Coaching and Farmington Valley Fitness Boot Camp, as well as Semi Private Training and Personal Training during morning, afternoon and late evening hours. Those being the times of the day in which Athletic Revolution is not being utilized.

One thing that has continued to set my program apart is the growth of the “nutrition sector”.

I knew in order to give the clients what they came to me for in the first place, results, there needed to be a strong understanding about the importance of nutrition. I remember asking Pat what would be the easiest way to filter these people into such an environment. He helped me put together my weight loss management program entitled “Maximize Your Metabolism”. At the time I only charged $299 for the 12-week class and two things happened. I sold out all 30 spots and made close to $9K. Not too bad for 12 hours of work right?

Look there are opportunities to begin creating multiple streams of revenue and many of them are probably starring you right in the face. I too missed out on a ton of them, initially. Through with Pat’s help and continued coaching I began to see the “list” of revenue streams grow over the past 23 months.

Not all of these revenue streams are going to be your favorite, some will bring you more money then others, some may generate only “gas money” each month, while others will bring you more enjoyment.

Take my Contest Preparation revenue stream for example. When I “worked for the man” I wasn’t able to really build on my expertise in the natural bodybuilding world. The fact of the matter is they hated it. One of the first things Pat told me was to use this to my ability and to expand on what I wasn’t able to expand on in the past.

Well now that I make all the decisions inside my fitness business (the benefit of being your own boss) 😉 I’ve been able to offer Contest Preparation for Bodybuilders and Figure athletes alike and even though I don’t have close to 300 clients, as I do in our boot camp, it’s something I enjoy doing while being able to add an additional stream of revenue to the list.

If you’re struggling to find these streams of revenue then you need to do what I did. Find someone to show you them and I can assure you Pat Rigsby is that person.

Just the other day, Sunday to be exact, Pat and I had a coaching call (all while the Patriots were laying the smack down on the Chicago Bears!). The call lasted close to an hour and in that hour Pat laid out a plan for new projects. Recently, I’ve been working on the expansion of programs to new markets and some other top secret stuff. 😉

Before the call, I was lacking the direction I needed. After that phone call I walked away with 361 words of notes and 4 new revenue streams for 2011. Each of which have the ability to bring an easy $10K PER MONTH to my business in the coming year.

I placed that phone call with 1 location for Farmington Valley Fitness Boot Camp and hung up that phone with 2 more locations with NO upfront cost, a way to market them for NOTHING, a way to pay my trainers that will cost me NOTHING up front and all while increasing my monthly revenue.

Not bad for just under 60 minutes of coaching wouldn’t you say?

My fitness business currently has 19 streams of revenue and it’s only 23 months old. Within the first month of 2011 that number will increase to 26 allowing me to increase my monthly revenue and I can whole heartedly tell you it’s thanks to the advice, support, direction and coaching I’ve gotten from Pat Rigsby.

Two years ago I had a plan that included 1 revenue stream.

Today, I’ve got a thriving business with 26 revenue streams.

Thanks Pat.

– Tyler English

PS – To help those of you “new to the game” I’ve included a list of our current and future (indicated with a *) revenue streams including many of their average monthly price tags.

  1. Farmington Valley Fitness Boot Camp (Canton Location) – $207
  2. Group Coaching Program (Includes, FVFBC, Semi Private) – $367
  3. Semi Private Training – $249
  4. Diet Doc Nutritional Coaching – $99
  5. Athletic Revolution – $129
  6. Contest Prep – $147
  7. Meal Plan Design – $199
  8. Fitness Coaching (clients outside the area) – $169
  9. One on One Personal Training – $599
  10. Maximize Your Metabolism Class – $133
  11. Kettlebell Workshops – $25
  12. Mixed Martial Arts Class – $99
  13. Online Affiliate Sales
  14. Prograde
  15. Sun Warrior
  16. Resistance Band Training
  17. Workout Muse
  18. Perform Better
  19. Fitness Anywhere
  20. Corporate Boot Camps *
  21. Massage Therapy *
  22. West Hartford *
  23. Hamden *
  24. Stratford *
  25. Apparel *
  26. Top Secret Project 😉 *

Tyler English, NASM-PES, CPT, YFS has quickly become Farmington Valley Connecticut’s leading Fitness Expert. He is the founder of Connecticut’s Most Elite Fitness Program, Farmington Valley Fitness Boot Camp. Tyler is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer and Youth Fitness Specialist with the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA). He prides himself on being a no-nonsense Fitness Professional who is serious about one thing: achieving your results faster than anyone else.

Tyler’s work ethic and dedication to goals and a results-oriented lifestyle is apparent in his own body of work. He earned the honor of a Professional Natural Bodybuilder with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) in only 3 years of competition and won the 2010 WNBF Mid America Lightweight Championship and finished as the 3rd place Middleweight in the World at the 2010 WNBF World Championships. Tyler prides himself on training more like a world-class athlete than your typical gym going bodybuilder. In his 5 years in the Farmington Valley area of Connecticut, he has helped well over 400 people change they way they look, feel and move. Having worked in the fitness industry for over 8 years, Tyler continuously saw the same thing occurring at gyms and health clubs: people would repeatedly sign a one or two-year membership with the belief that this was the place they were going to get in shape – when the truth was that many of these soon-to-be frustrated exercisers would end up right back where they started. Tyler has become one of the most respected fitness professionals in the fitness industry – while always displaying a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition for his own fitness business. He has proven to be a respected leader within the fitness community, both locally and nationally.

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