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The happiest place on earth for personal trainers


Happy Personal Trainers. A Post By Jim Labadie


There’s a place I know where all the good-hearted personal trainers of the world congregate.

The fitness pros who are filled with passion for fitness AND business.

They help one another.

They always stay positive.

They invest in their business education regularly.

They don’t gossip.

They don’t complain.

And they are making waves – BIG WAVES – all over the world.

So where is the happiest place on earth for personal trainers? (PTU for short)

If you’re not a member already you can get a F R E E full 14 day trial membership.

Visit the top-secret forums.

Listen to hundreds of hours of exclusive audio instruction.

Read through hundreds of pages of cutting-edge business strategies for fitness professionals.

All at no cost to you.

I’m not sure how long it’s going to last, but you can sign up right now at

And in case you are wondering if it’s worth your time, you would be stonecold out of your mind not to read the post underneath my signature.

Who loves ya? 😉

This an actual post from the forum.


Ryan Lee, Jim Labadie and all of you who post on this site.
On January 1st of 2007 I was living in my car. Last year due to an injury I lost everything – business, finances, home. The only things left over from my training business were my PTU Gold CDs.

New Years was a turning point. I committed myself to my dream and remembered that if I hold to the vision the Universe will provide.

I begged, borrowed and scraped together $$ for a new website and PTU membership (see my priorities!) I contacted old clients whom I had not contacted at all while depressed. Picked up a few locally again – just enough to eat and pay rent to start.

Last week I signed 3 new online corporate clients to annual contracts! That’s $89 per month per employee (37 total) plus $75 per hour for on-site work. All from free Lunch & Learn seminars that I offered. Another tip from Jim!

I just went over $3000 per month from my back-end nutritional sales. One of my clients was so impressed with her results that she paid $1100 for 17,000 inserts to go into the local paper promoting my business. She’s a self-made millionaire and I would drive to her house with my exhaust duct-taped up to my car. Why did she do this? She told me ‘you changed my life but mostly it was your attitude.’ I never spoke of anything but success and she told me this inspired her to do better in her life. Her words ‘Winners support others dreams and visions.’ Wow!

I decided to leverage the exposure. I bought Jim and Phil Lally’s Boot Camp CD set (3-4 other trainers in the area have been ‘threatening’ to do Boot Camps for months – I am now the first!). A couple trainers at the local gym made fun of me for spending $127 for CDs. Let’s see… FIRST DAY after listening I found 2 sites, put 3 Boot Camp dates up on my site and got the local TV station to agree to cover the area’s first ever ‘Beach Body Boot Camps’. One mention in my e-newsletter and the classes are half-filled already. I put them on the newspaper inserts already!

$127 investment. Pretty small to make $88 per person per class and get all the extra exposure. Oh yeah, and leaving the other trainers in the dust… priceless!

Speaking of my newsletter… twice monthly and I am getting ready to go over 1,000 subscribers. Just from promoting a simple free report on ‘Setting and Achieving Fitness Goals’. Got that tip here on PTU several times – finally put it to use.

By the end of April or early May I will be living my dream. Over $10,000 per month and doing nothing but online training (getting ready for my big Fitness Generator launch next week – watch out local trainers!), boot camps and back-end sales. My goal is 100 clients monthly. I have the 37 already!

My first e-book is almost done! I no longer take in-home clients. Instead I mentor and train younger trainers who want to change lives. I teach them assessments, sales and provide the clients from my hits on my site. At no charge to them! Instead they simply provide clients my nutritional supplements. I have a friend (two-time national Karate champion) with a struggling Martial Arts studio. I now promote his studio and he promotes me. I am teaching him how to market from what I have learned here. Win-win. Love it! I remember Jim saying at one point that it ain’t about the money – it’s about the dream. Focus on what you want and the Universe will provide. I want to empower and inspire.

I never would have accomplished anything without listening to Ryan, Jim and so many others. My goal is to be the Barry Lovelace of Western PA!!! My mission is to empower and inspire others to new levels of fitness.

I owe my personal trainers success to all of you. The posts. The tips. The support. My belief in myself and my mission came just as much from here as anywhere. Thank you. If ever I can help anyone with anything… just contact me!

After reading that how could you not sign up for the trial? Seriously.

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