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The Most Overlooked Fitness Marketing Strategy

Erik Rokeach shares a simple fitness marketing tip to help you network with the most influential people in your area

OK, so when it comes to a killer fitness marketing strategy, and ones that just plain ole’ kick butt, there was one that worked really well for me. That was networking.

I know, I know. Networking is so cliche, and such a boring topic. But it’s that word of mouth that really makes things blow up quick.

Obviously when it comes to networking you can go to local events, health fairs, chamber of commerce meetings, leads groups, and all of those types of things.

At these events you have lots of people who you can network with, but a lot of times it’s people who are looking to do the exact same thing as you, and don’t have many great connections themselves.

So it’s important to be smart and leverage the right people. And you do that by finding the big players in the market who know everyone.

Who are those big players?

Business owners, politicians, PTA board members, presidents of youth leagues and anyone in the media.

Those are the types of people you need to network with, but sometimes there are so many layers to get through before you can even connect with these people.

But there is a secret ninja who can get you access to just about anyone you want.

This person has more connections, and more influential friends then probably anyone in the town, and they are usually not politically motivated. That’s because it would crush their business if they were.

Can you guess who this is?

It’s your good ole’ accountant!

Think about it. An accountant knows all the businesses in the area, knows how well or how badly businesses are doing, and gets paid to to handle the money side of things for regular folks, businesses, and everyone else in between.

So the accountant is the power player in your market.

Not only will having a great accountant save you tons of money, but they can directly make you a ton too.

Here’s how you make this fitness marketing strategy work for you…

If you don’t have an accountant, get one… FAST!

If you don’t have one, start asking your local network who they use for an accountant. Call them up and interview them to see not only if they are a good fit for your business but how many clients they have.

Now if your looking to flood your business with clients, then it’s probably not a great idea to choose a huge commercial accounting firm. They have too many clients, are not close with them, and really don’t have the local community at their best interest.

So find one who is medium sized and attached to the community.

Now that you have a great accountant. You gotta really find out who they know. But you can’t just come out and ask for a referral to one of their clients. You have to be smooth and like everything else, do something for them.

Start by offering them free training, give gift cards to their assistants, and if you can, refer business to them.

Referring business is a big one. If you can refer business to them, you pretty much have the option to ask them whatever you want.

Once you’re in with your accountant, and you’ve offered them free training, discounts for their employees and done business with them, then ask them who the big players are in the area.

Once your accountant tells you, thank them, and ask them if they can introduce you to one or two of those people.

A lot of times, your accountant may not actually reach out and connect you, but they will tell you that it is ok to use their name when you first meet the person.

Here’s something to remember. Your paying your accountant, you have now offered them free training and discounts, they will feel some sort of obligation to maybe do something small for you. Like directly connect you.

If they are still unwilling to do that, at least you can now drop their name.

Let’s say your accountant mentions that she has one of the biggest tanning companies in the area as a client. You can now walk in to that tanning salon, and drop the accountant’s name and you should be able to deal directly with the owner of that business.

Of course, you’d never go into that business and ask for something straight away… right?

Nope, you then tell that business owner how you can help them.

You can use this same fitness marketing strategy for a lot of the other influential people or businesses in the area.

If you get access to very influential people in your town through your accountant, make sure you don’t ask them for anything. Offer them free training, products, consultations, whatever you can to get them on your side.

Once you have them, then you leverage them and their network, and do the same thing for each person or business you connect with.

Even though you may only be dealing with one person at a time (unlike a networking event), you are dealing with someone who has more useful connections then probably 5 or 10 people combined at a small local networking event.

In just a short time you have connected and networked with the power players in your market.

And this is all because of your accountant.

Oh, and one small note. If you want more great connections, take a few minutes and write out a thank you note to your accountant after you’ve connected with the people they recommended.

No one does that and it will show that you are serious about your fitness business. You do that, and your accountant will probably directly connect you with a few more people that you should know.

Very few people use this fitness marketing strategy. But if you do, chances are that in the next 12 months you will have one very large business, with the support of all the biggest influencers in your market.

I’d love to know what your best marketing technique is. Let me know below…


Erik Rokeach is a fitness entrepreneur and owner of  His goal is to help the fitness industry grow by sharing top quality information from other fitness pros about how they build their businesses.




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