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The 1-Hour Personal Trainer Marketing Plan

Work Smarter, Not Longer, on Personal Trainer Marketing

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When it comes to personal trainer marketing, procrastination tends to get in the way. Most personal trainers would rather do about anything else: write programs, read, or watch stuff online. Heck, they’d rather straighten up the gym than actually market.

But for a personal trainer, marketing is critical. No getting around it.

So what if I tell you that you only have to spend an hour a day to execute a personal trainer marketing plan?

Well, it’s true. You can accomplish a lot in an hour.

But it has to be a quality hour.

No texting, checking email, talking on the phone, or checking out websites, unless that particular activity is critical to your marketing task for the day.

So how can an hour be enough? Simple. No multi-tasking means you’ll be ultra-efficient.

You’ll get shit done.

And as you’ll often hear me say: You Get Paid For Done.

Here’s an idea of the stuff you can get done in an hour.

The Personal Trainer Marketing Plan

  • Send your weekly or bi-weekly email newsletter to your list.
  • Text all of your clients to tell them "good job."
  • Write a press release.
  • Work on a monthly print newsletter.
  • Attend a networking event.
  • Drop in a few local businesses.
  • Post some pictures of a class on your Facebook page and tag your clients.
  • Contact some members of your network with a call, personal email, or note.
  • Send some handwritten cards.
  • Send some gifts to clients.
  • Call several local organizations or businesses to arrange speaking engagements.
  • Work on a Facebook ad campaign.
  • Send an offer to your clients for a workshop or some other promotion.
  • Make some reactivation calls.
  • Take a client for coffee.
  • Hand out a few plastic gift cards.
  • Place a lead box.
  • Do a talk for a local group or business.

There are dozens of other things that you can do, but that should get you started.

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Here are the ground rules for the One-Hour Personal Trainer Marketing Plan:

  1. Block off an hour a day to market. Treat it just like you’d treat an hour scheduled with a client. No canceling unless there is a real emergency. It doesn’t matter which hour unless you plan to attend a meeting or give a talk, then you probably ought to choose the time you’re scheduled to attend 😉
  2. No interruptions. Turn off your email and your phone unless they play a part in what you’re doing for the day. No browsing the internet. No distractions.
  3. Plan what you’re going to do the evening before. You don’t want to go into the hour with no idea how you’ll spend it. You also want to be able to be efficient so you want to know what you might need in advance so it will be easy to access.
  4. Set a timer. This can help break the hour into smaller chunks to make sure you are on track to accomplishing your hour-long goal. If the timer goes off at halfway and you aren’t halfway done, refocus and prioritize your time better.
  5. Get stuff done. Try to get as much done as possible during that hour.

That’s it. And you can even have Sundays off if you want.

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6 hours a week (or 7 if you’re really ambitious) to having the fitness business you want. Pretty small price to pay.

But like anything in life, if you’re willing to work hard and smart, you don’t have to work long.

So are you willing to do what it takes for one hour?

Let me know what you think below.

Explore more ideas for building a great personal trainer marketing plan here.


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