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The three words you MUST know for your personal training business


Personal training business keys. a Post By Jim Labadie


Three words;

Emotion, emotion, emotion.

I can honestly say I’d only watched about ten minutes of the show before Wednesday night.

But they got me.

Yes, the TV show The Biggest Loser caught my eye last night, so I figured I really did at least need to watch it once to see what the deal is.

I must admit, I was glad I watched.

For one thing, it’s where I got the idea for this newsletter.

The other reason is because it reminded me of the importance of those three magical words:

Emotion, emotion, emotion.

The way the show tugs at the heart strings is amazing.

The way they build the drama is surreal.

The emotional breakdowns…

The tears…

The newfound confidence and outlook on life…

The intrigue…

The suspense…

Your personal training business marketing should be teaming with emotion. Your sales copy should make people want to cry tears of joy.

Emotion gets people to act.


Two immediate things you could do for your personal training business:

1- Why not create stirring emotional video testimonials for your website?

Your successful clients should be gushing about you and their new bodies to the camera.

They should be saying things like the Biggest Loser contestants were last night.

‘My friends and family won’t/don’t recognize me!’

‘I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with my new body!’

‘I never could have done this without my trainer!’

‘I’m working muscles that I never knew I even had and I’m loving it!’

‘I look like I did 20 years ago when I was in college!’

‘My husband/wife loves the way my (insert body part here) looks!’

‘People can’t stop telling me how great I look!’

You get the idea, don’t you?

Imagine: A walking, talking billboard LIVE on your website for all the world to see.

Can you picture it? Can you FEEL the emotion coming out of your computer?

Seriously think about that.

And don’t forget the emotions that will arise in your prospect as they watch it.

Oh, and the end of the video, when you have a graphic with a call to action…

…and you add the Velvet Rope to it and let them know your schedule is severely limited….

…and that they may not be accepted as a client if you don’t feel they are willing to become the NEXT living, breathing, super charged billboard…

Think that might work?

2- The series finale of The Biggest Loser is next week. Wednesday I believe. So you have the perfect opportunity to contact your local NBC affiliate and let them know what YOU think of the show.

Do you think the way they train the contestants is great? Do you think it’s awful?

Have you done your own Biggest Loser challenge?

If nothing else, it’s great content for your newsletter.

Who loves ya? 😉

Yours in prosperity,

Jim Labadie

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