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The Truth About Personal Training Sales

A Post On Personal Training Sales By Pat Rigsby

personal training sales

Sometimes becoming better at personal training sales is not about the presentation.  Sometimes it’s not about the offer.  Sometimes it’s about you.

When I first left coaching and took over running a personal training department, I didn’t instantly start closing deals at a high rate.

Actually, I was pretty pathetic at closing and only generated any sales at all by being willing to get in front of more people than anyone else did.

I remember that during my first pay period, my closing percentage was 12%.  Yep – 12%.

And honestly, it was just a mental thing with me.  My own personal hang ups about money.  I’d never made more than $30,000 in a year and the thought of someone investing $300 or $400 a month on personal training seemed pretty extreme to me.

I tried to sell in spite of this hang up – but I’m sure that it showed in the way that I presented our programs and in my lack of confidence.

But then after reading a couple sales books and going back through Think and Grow Rich, it finally hit me: selling should be easy.  You’re just helping people get what they want.    I was getting caught up on dollars, but I’d spent the previous 7 years convincing parents to spend tens of thousands of dollars to come play baseball under my guidance at a school they’d never even heard of before I started recruiting them.

If people really want something they’ll find a way to make it happen.

As soon as I got that through my head, personal training sales became easy.  I instantly went from a 12% closer to a 60-70% closer. Once I lost the head trash I was able to sell to anyone.  In fact, though I wouldn’t recommend them as your target market, I’ve sold training to people that were unemployed, cashiers at McDonalds and any number of other people that I’d have never guessed could or would be willing to invest in training.

But if people want something bad enough, they’ll often find a way.  So don’t let your hang ups about money prevent them from getting what they want.

Once you’ve gotten out of your own way when it comes to personal training sales, here are a few other tips that will help you sell more:

Have The Right Attitude.
The first thing that you can do to separate yourself from the average fitness professional is to control your attitude. The attitude you project, both verbal and non-verbal, is a direct result of your beliefs and perceptions about your profession. If you think of yourself as a “Fitness Professional” instead of just a trainer, this will have a huge impact on the attitude you project.

Another element of attitude is how you perceive your prospective clients. Because you earn your income from the fees a client pays, over time you may stop thinking of prospects as human beings with needs and wants and start seeing them in terms of how many dollars their purchase will net for you.

Care About Your Prospects’ Goals.
Remember – if someone takes the time to come in to an introductory session or do a trial at your bootcamp, they probably have at least some interest in buying.

Learning about what motivates them – what their goals are – provides the foundation for personal training sales success.

So in general, what motivates human behavior is actually quite basic – the desire to gain pleasure or avoid pain. As you go through the sales process, remember that you are not selling a workout, you are selling a better quality of life, a way to feel better. Seek to understand what changes in the prospect’s life would allow them to feel better and show them how your offerings can help them accomplish this.

Provide solutions.

personal training salesListen.
If you want to be successful at personal training sales, talk half as much as you listen. This is because if you say it, they can doubt it … if they say it, it is true. An effective salesperson doesn’t tell people things – they ask questions. You need to develop a comfortable questioning style that allows you to maintain CONTROL while the prospective client makes the decision.

Use Open Ended Questions.
Use open ended questions to get a prospect to open up and share their needs. Stack open ended questions together to really gain a clear understanding of how you can help someone.  Instead of settling for asking someone what their goals are and then how much weight they’d like to lose – go a step further and ask “Ms. Jones, tell me how weighing 30 lbs. more than you want to is affecting you?”

Once you asked the right questions and know the prospect’s needs – selling simply becomes matching the right solution you provide to their needs.

Know Your Numbers. One of the biggest mistakes that I see fitness professionals make is paying little if any attention to their closing percentage. They work hard on getting their website up and running. They send out postcards and hold seminars – all in the hopes of generating leads. But the real name of the game is turning those leads into high paying clients.

Do you know what percentage of prospects you convert into clients?

Don’t guess.

Do you know the exact number?

If you don’t – start tracking that TODAY! Only then can you test other approaches in your quest to close more prospects and know if the changes you made are paying off.

Define Your Uniqueness. You have to let prospects know EXACTLY why they should do business with you instead of the trainer at the big box club, do P90X, enroll in Weight Watchers or buy the Ab Circle. Saying you get results isn’t enough. Do you think your competitors say they don’t’?

personal training salesHave Social Proof. If you have a facility, put up a ‘Wall of Fame.’ If you run a camp, make sure your website showcases your success stories. Use testimonials in your marketing so prospects are pre-sold. Help people feel confident that you are the solution to their problem(s) by showing them you were already the solution to other people problems that might have been similar.

Use a script. Once you find the best way to sell your service, why change it? You don’t necessarily have to say the same thing word for word – prospects are all different. But have a scripted format that you follow with a logical sequence of questions that get the prospect talking.

Shut Up. Let the prospect do 75% of the talking. Ask lots of open ended questions and let the prospect reveal their ‘pain’ to you.

Sell on Value. Not price. People want a good deal and to be treated fairly – but they don’t mind paying for results (you do get great results, right?) If you’re the cheapest alternative – raise your prices or look in the mirror and ask why you aren’t worth more. Once you recognize the value you deliver – then raise your prices.

Become an Expert. You don’t get many objections if you’re perceived as the pre-eminent expert in your niche – regardless of your rates. You can position yourself as an expert by doing more public speaking, writing more articles, releasing a book (even if it’s self published) or a DVD and doing more publicity work.

Dominate A Niche. Targeting a specific market pre-sells those people because you’re now their specialist and everyone generalist has to justify how they can serve the prospect as well as you can… and of course they can’t so you’re the obvious chose.

Focus on Referrals. Referrals are pre-sold on what you have to offer and usually provide little if any sales resistance.

Sell More to Your Existing Clients. If someone has already said yes once, they are far more likely to say yes again provided you haven’t given them a reason to do otherwise.

Personal Training Sales really shouldn’t be something you dislike.  It should actually be something you enjoy because it allows you to help more people and it allows you to grow your business.

Because of that, I’ve decided to put together everything I know about effective selling into a resource that is surely the most complete resource the fitness industry has ever seen when it comes to sales.

I’ve compiled all of the following into one package called Fitness Sales Formula:

personal training salesFitness Sales Formula Module #1: The BIG 5 Closing System

In Module #1you’ll be taken through the 5 Step Fitness Sales Formula Closing System.  This simple 5 step system will allow you to instantly build rapport with your prospects – then systematically determine their needs – those critical hot buttons that turn prospects into paying clients.  Then you’ll discover EXACTLY how to build MAXIMUM VALUE in your program so that when it comes time to ask for the sale every objection has been eliminated and your prospect is eager to say ‘YES.’

The BIG 5 Closing System will guide you every step of the way, guaranteeing that you never stumble and ensuring that every Sales Presentation is YOUR BEST PRESENTATION. And to make absolutely certain that you’re able to master the BIG 5 Closing System, I’ve broken each of the 5 steps down into separate presentations so you can grasp every little profit producing nuance.


personal training sales
Fitness Sales Formula Module #2: Eliminating Objections

In Module #2 you’ll discover the truth about objections and how you can eliminate them 98% of the time.  And in those rare instances you’re do encounter an objection, this module with teach you the Step-By-Step System for turning the occasional ‘I need to think about it’ or ‘ I need to speak with my spouse’ into an opportunity to build more value in your programs and connect with the prospect in a way that readies them to buy.


personal training sales
Fitness Sales Formula Module #3: Maximizing Sales

In Module #3 you’ll learn how to make the most from every selling opportunity.  You’ll discover things like:

  • A simple technique that will instantly make you a 200% better closer – and you can start using it immediately!
  • The right presentation format for maximizing every minute you spend meeting with prospects.
  • The secret to selling bigger programs – and it’s easier than you think.
  • One simple tactic that you can integrate into your presentations that will allow you to easily close 30% more sales.  This one thing allowed us to add $10,000 a month to our bottom line in our training business.
  • And much, much more…


personal training sales
Fitness Sales Formula Module #4: Selling Through The Trial

Module #4 might just be the most valuable sales resource every presented to the fitness industry.  Right now, with so many bootcamps and group training based programs utilizing marketing tools like Free Trials, Low Cost Trials and Deal Of The Day sites, selling personal training has changed.  Getting prospects in the door with tactics like these might have gotten easier, but almost all fitness professionals are struggling to turn a respectable percentage of these Free or Low Cost Trials into long-term paying clients.

In this Module you’ll discover the first ever comprehensive system designed to close a MAXIMUM number of these Trials.  The 7 Step Trial Conversion System will be your blueprint for turning things like Deal of the Day promos into Game Changers for your business instead of just being what they are for most trainers – a overwhelming influx of low paying people that are gone within a couple of weeks leaving nothing other than anger from your current paying clients for watering down their experience with tire kickers.


personal training sales
Fitness Sales Formula Module #5: Sales Presentation Video Library

In Module #5 you get video examples of EVERY sales presentation you’ll ever need to build a multiple six or even seven figure fitness business. All you need to do is model the presentation you want to use and you’re ready to start closing sales. These videos will guide you every step of the way, so you never need to struggle again.

Just check out the 7 example presentations you will have at your disposal:

  • Example One-On-One Sales Presentation
  • Example Semi-Private Sales Presentation
  • Example Bootcamp Sales Presentation
  • Example Group Selling Presentation
  • Example Referral Request Presentation
  • Example Up Sell At The Point Of Sale Presentation
  • Example Back End Sale Presentation

All you need to do is practice the presentation you plan to use a few times and you’re ready to start closing more sales!


personal training sales
Fitness Sales Formula Module #6: The Fitness Sales Toolbox

In Module #6 you’ll receive all the scripts and tools you need to execute the Fitness Sales Formula System.  Here are the tools you’ll receive:

Ready To Use Sales Scripts:

  • One-On-One Sales Script
  • Semi-Private Sales Script
  • Bootcamp Sales Script
  • Group Selling Script
  • Referral Request Script
  • Up Sell At The Point Of Sale Script
  • Back End Sale Script

Ready To Use Sales Tools:

  • FSF Prospect Questionnaire
  • FSF Example Personal Training Agreement
  • FSF Program Presentation Sheet
  • FSF Sales Tracking Sheet


I’ll be launching Fitness Sales Formula tomorrow for $97 – $100 off the normal $197 price. You’ll learn how to convert Groupon & Living Social leads.  You’ll get exact scripts to use to close every type of leads from 1 on 1 to bootcamps.  You pretty much get everything you’ll ever need to know about selling training.

So be sure to check your email or come back here tomorrow to grab your copy of Fitness Sales Formula and take advantage of the huge $100 discount.

If you have comments or questions – let me know below:


Dedicated to your personal training sales success,



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