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Value: The Key To Fitness Business Success

A Fitness Business Post By Pat Rigsby

Sunday morning Ryan Ketchum and I were having breakfast with Todd Durkin and virtually the entire conversation focused on how to deliver more value to the people we serve.

Think about that – Todd is one of the faces of huge companies like Gatorade, Under Armour, TRX. He’s a Best Selling Author. He trains some of the top players in the NFL and he runs an ultra-successful fitness business of his own – Fitness Quest 10.

And his focus is how he can add more value for the people he works with.

For our businesses, it’s the exact same thing. “How can we deliver event more value?” is a question that we’re constantly asking ourselves.

The reason is simple:

The more value you provide the greater the likelihood you enjoy success.

People come to you as a fitness professional because they want to achieve some desired outcome.

Maybe they want to lose weight.

Maybe they want to increase their strength or performance.

They could want to improve their health or simple feel better about themselves.

The quicker that you can make that happen and the better the experience you can provide during their journey – the happier they will be.

The truly great professionals get that. Guys like Todd have made that their mission.

They’re in a never-ending quest to deliver more value.

You should be too.

If you want to enjoy true fitness business success, you can never get complacent. You should always be looking for ways to become a better coach. Provide a better experience. Make your systems more efficient.

It’s all a means to providing more value.

In fact, we have a goal in our businesses that I talked about in a previous post where we strive to constantly deliver 10X the value for the price of anything we offer.

If it’s a product like Fitness Sales Formula that sells for $197, then we need to make sure that the customer gets $1970 worth of value.

Sure, it’s hard to quantify that – but that’s not the point. The point is that we want to consistently find more and more ways to improve our products, improve our services and improve our experiences so that the fitness professionals we serve always feel like what they received for their investment was a bargain.

So how can you make this approach work for you? Here are a few ideas:

Treat Everyone Like Family – One of the things that I’ve often said is that you should treat clients like family and treat prospects like clients. If you want to set yourself apart and deliver more value – this is one of the easiest ways.

You’d never call lunch with a loved one ‘My 11:30 appointment’ – but trainers do that with clients all the time. Focus on making each session or each class the best experience of the day for the people you’re working. Call the by name, pat them on the back and make sure they know you appreciate every day they choose to work with you.

Bring Your Best – Todd Durkin is a great – probably the best – example of this. He’s always ‘on’ when you see him. You always know you’re getting high energy and his best effort. That energy and passion is contagious. So make sure you’re always prepared and always in the moment when you’re with clients or prospects. Avoid ‘cruise control’ at all costs.

You’ll be amazed – it will be the difference between mediocre retention and people never wanting to leave. You’ll push your referrals through the roof – just by bringing your best each and every day.

Focus On Continual Improvement – Great professionals in any field are always getting better.  They’re studying to improve at their craft so that they can always be sure their providing the best possible service for their clients.

That means you should be continually investing in education like books, DVDs, courses and events. But it also means you should be testing new things and tracking the results. You should be training your staff to make sure their continually improving. You’re either getting better or you’re falling behind.

Think ‘Experience’ – great businesses like Disney and Zappos have made the Experience their #1 marketing tool – so you should think about it too.

How can you make the experience better for your clients and prospects? The way you answer the phone. They way that people are greeted when they walk in the door. The cleanliness of your location. The energy and passion that you and your staff display. All these and more are part of the Experience and they are something you should be continually working on.

It really is simple – Value is the difference between the anticipated price or worth and the actual price. Once you set that actual price, you should be on a never-ending quest to improve that anticipated price or worth. If you do that, fitness business success will be a given.

Let me know your thoughts below.


Dedicated to your success,



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