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What the Best of the Best Are Doing Right Now

6 Business Moves That Can Transform Your Business

Pat Rigsby

At a recent Mastermind Meeting I attended, some time was dedicated to members sharing what was working for them right now. In fact, this segment of the meeting has grown to be so popular that the person with the best “share” walks away with some pretty awesome prizes.

So with that as my inspiration, I wanted to share what I’ve seen that’s working from the fitness professionals attending our Virtual Fitness Mastermind, Accelerator, and Elite Mastermind Meetings as well as what they’ve shared with me during coaching calls.

Facebook Advertising


This has really taken off recently with many fitness professionals. Facebook has allowed advertisers to target even more effectively, and through a combination of ads and promoted posts, we’ve seen a number of fitness professional completely fill some of their short-term programs.

While I can’t speak to everything that has worked, the common components of the successful Facebook Ads have been:

  • Using both sidebar ads and the news feed
  • Offering a short-term, paid program
  • Having strong, direct response copy
  • Refining the targeted audience as much as possible
  • Really staying on top of the ROI—in other words, managing the campaign(s) closely

With all Facebook ads, and on Facebook in general, the image used matters a bunch, but I don’t have any 1 or 2 images that people have shared as standouts.

Short-Term, Specific, Results-Based Programs

I’ve seen a lot of fitness pros running these types of offers with great success:

  • Lose 20 lbs. in 6 weeks
  • Lose 10 lbs. in 21 days

They’ve really done well for the people who’ve executed them at a high level.

I’ve not spoken with him about it, but I think this offer gained traction starting with our good friend Sam Bakhtiar, and others have modeled it. It’s not been uncommon to see fitness pros put 25-40 people or more in a paid group with an investment of $79-199, then rolling a decent percentage of those people into longer-term core offerings.

Here’s why I gather this has been working so well from what people have shared:

  • There is a specific benefit to the client, one they understand and want.
  • There is a deadline—they can get the benefit they want in a defined (short) period of time.
  • The cost is relatively low for the benefit they receive.
  • The program is short.
  • Many of the most successful fitness pros running this have offered some incentive, such as, “Lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks and we’ll give you your money back,” which gives the client even more incentive to stick with the program.
  • If someone is having success, they’ll likely stick around for a longer-term program.
  • It’s easy to market—you have a start and end date, and you can share it very easily via email, Facebook, direct mail.
  • You can accumulate social proof quickly to use in future promos.

This offer is strong for sure. If you employ it, make sure you have a plan to convert participants.

Success Sessions for Selling

personal training sales 1

For a while it seemed like fitness professionals were getting away from really selling. They were hoping their website or an autoresponder sequence would do the selling for them, or they just hoped people taking part in a front-end offer would just decide to stick around.

Well, it appears this trend is finally reversing itself, and fitness pros are actually sitting down and selling prospective clients again. We go into great detail on how to sell ethically and effectively here in the Ultimate Fitness Sales System, but here is a summary of what seems to be working:

  • Scheduled face-to-face Success Sessions early in the relationship, ideally 60 minutes long.
  • Strong rapport building and questioning to connect with the prospect and learn what they want and why they want it.
  • Value building through forward pacing (describing what will happen when they train together), specific descriptions about why their program is a fit for the prospect’s goals, and some sort of “on the floor” activity—either an assessment or some sample movements. And all of these have to specifically relate back to the prospect’s goals.
  • A program presentation that is confident and only offers a couple of options.

That is all really normal for face-to-face selling, but the difference is that it seems to be being applied more now than in the past couple of years.

Managing by the Numbers

Fitness Business

Just over the past several months have we seen more and more fitness business owners tracking their key numbers and using those numbers to help manage their business. In Fitness Revolution & Athletic Revolution, the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboard is at the core of the most successful franchisees’ day-to-day management. For non-franchisees, the same types of numbers drive the management of the business.

It wasn’t too long ago that it was like pulling teeth to just get even the best fitness business owners to know how many leads they were generating in a given month, but now the business owners doing well are on top of:

  • Leads—and often leads by source
  • ROI on marketing / promotions
  • Conversion Rates / Closing Percentages
  • Retention rates
  • Profitability—not just overall but often by session or program
  • EFT as a % of total revenue
  • Client “show rates”—even for larger group programs

Those are just some of the numbers that the best business owners are using to drive their success.

Enhanced Client Experience

With the training landscape becoming more and more saturated with options, the people who are doing really well are stepping up their game. They’ve improved the quality of their training, integrated performance testing and goal tracking, and even become more niched in many cases so their offerings are more specific to their ideal clients.

But it goes beyond that: They’re also stepping up the things that complement the training. They’re stepping up their number of touches with their clients, the atmosphere in their facility, the way they greet clients, how they address customer service issues, and any number of other things that extend beyond just workouts.

This begins with their marketing message and runs through everything from that point forward. If they say achieving goals comes from more than just a workout, they make that part of the clients’ expectation and experience. They don’t just do things a la carte and expect the clients to see the benefit. They link together every detail so that the client raises their bar for what they want in a training experience and is more connected to the business.

Relationship Marketing

Fitness Business 4

Now that we’ve exited the days of Craigslist leads and are seeing Deal of the Day business die off as well, most really successful fitness professionals are dialing in their relationship marketing. They know that they can immediately differentiate themselves from the cookie-cutter fitness businesses by having a personality and building relationships.

This means they have strong referral programs, employ other ways to get their clients to introduce them to others (like charity events and workshops), and often have strong social media presences.

But it also means having strong relationships with clients outside of training sessions, making sure there is more than just a transactional relationship.

The strong business owners are also tied to the community. They network, they hold public speaking engagements, they get involved in charity, and they simply are engaged. It’s not unlike the best relators in a town who seem to know everyone. It can be summed up with a great line: The bigger your network, the bigger your net worth.

Your Next Steps

That’s a sample of what we’ve seen working recently. Take it and apply it in your own business—and if you have something that’s working for you, please share it in the comments below!

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