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You Can’t Create Successful Fitness Pros


Fitness Pros That Don’t Invest. By Pat Rigsby


The most amazing paradox I have experienced is this: The fitness pros who need help the most wont pay the price!

I read Alwyn’s recent post titled “Sandwiches or System Design?” – he made reference to some jackasses who actually had the audacity to complain that Ryan Lee had added an extra FREE session at this year’s Bootcamp. I’ve had similar experiences when I’ve given out FREE things – people actually complained about the FREE stuff.

When I started doing our newsletter and created a couple of inexpensive products like Fitness Riches, I thought that we would primarily be helping those fitness pros who were struggling. I thought that by delivering free or inexpensive tools and advice we could help those that we thought needed it most.

As the orders rolled in, I was astounded. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I had predicted that the strugglers would subscribe or buy. It was amazing to see that exactly the opposite had occurred. More often than not -it was those who were in fact doing well who had subscribed or purchased.

What does this say about those who were doing well? There is probably a reason behind their success-the same reason that is behind the failure of the others, people who ultimately succeed in life are those who recognize early on that success is a state of mind and has nothing to do with their current level of financial assets. Success comes in direct proportion to a person’s ability to recognize this, and his or her willingness to pay the price.

I learned then that you cannot create successful Fitness Pros, you can only take successful and help them become more successful.

Everything you have read on this blog, in our newsletter or in our products will not work for you unless you already have what it takes. You may not have external signs of success or wealth yet, but these resources and others will help you get there a lot more quickly. Any Fitness Pros who takes the time to read this and invest in our products in the first place most likely has this spark, so hopefully that says a lot about you.

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